Libertarian Jack Woehr

Candidate for Colorado House District 25 in 2014

Campaign over, thanks for your vote! See ya next time!

Jack Woehr Libertarian Porcupine (or is
              it a Hedgehog?) *TM* Libertarian Party USA
I'm a person who loves good ol' American freedom even in this day and age of fear and surveillance!

I have no agenda other than "It's good to live in Jefferson County Colorado and I'd like to keep it that way."

There are some things that could be improved. You probably know more about that than I do.

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Or send us some money. We don't need a lot, just enough to remind anyone who's paying attention that we're here!

"Jack Woehr is running his fifth race as a Libertarian in Jefferson County, Colorado. A grandfather who states his campaign goal as "It's good to live in Jefferson County Colorado and I'd like to keep it that way," he speaks calmly about water resources and about "chilling out" the tone of politics. He describes his Democratic and Republican opponents as, "Like me, Jeffconians first and politicians second" in a campaign that has yet to hear a harsh word or see an attack ad. We endorse this sort of conduct for candidates of all parties, and we endorse Mr. Woehr's attempt to enter the Colorado House of Representatives."

- Gov. Gary Johnson



Why am I running?

We who live in Colorado live in the penthouse, so to speak, of the mightiest empire in the history of humankind.

We are the most privileged people on the planet!

The short story is that I just what to keep Jefferson County and Colorado like that for my four grandkids.

The longer story is that politics has grown pretty toxic. There certainly is a lot of shouting. To me it sounds pretty foolish.

We should chill out a little and work together.

There are plenty of things to work for as a Jeffco representative, for example:

Let's work on these sorts of thing and avoid the politics of confrontation.

So I'm running because hopefully if I get elected I won't be one of the sillies who contribute to making things worse!

PS If elected I promise to try to learn to tie my necktie properly!


The following positions are presented blog-style in reverse chronological order, not in order of importance!

Animal Rights

It is my belief that animals must be treated humanely. Science agrees nowadays with our intuitive grasp that animals are sentient, rational beings. I specifically oppose the diversion of riding horses to slaughterhouses. My two horsewoman daughters would not vote for me if I did not put that on my website!


Police Militarization

The police must not become a society apart, protecting "order" instead of "the people". I point no fingers, but recent events show we Americans are on the edge of a precipice. Does the Jefferson County Sheriff really need the armored personnel carrier which that department recently acquired through the Pentagon's 1033 program? It certainly would not have helped at Columbine High School, the most egregious breach of public order which I can recall in Jeffco.


The War on Drugs

The long-running human rights crime known as the War on Drugs is fading, but there are still too many people in prison, sometimes for things that are now legal. I'm not sure the Colorado Assembly has yet taken enough steps to free the prisoners of the war on marijuana. If I am elected, I will strive to keep this issue front and center until more of the injustice is redressed. Further, I will work to end the "War On" mentality, which is really a sort of governmental illness, the sick, sick, sick belief that domestic social problems can be solved by "War On" some subset of our own countrymen and countrywomen.



Credible scientific studies are appearing that tie fracking to "induced seismicity" which means "causing earthquakes". Earthquakes in Oklahoma, a major fracking site, are at epidemic proportions.

None of this of course addresses my biggest concern, which is "why are Coloradans pumping our precious water into the ground forever to get a little oil today?" It seems foolish beyond the power of words to describe.

Fracking is caused by the high price of petroleum. My feeling is that the best way to fight fracking is to use less oil. Get a push mower. Ride a bike, not an ATV. Camp in a tent, not an RV. Sail, don't motorboat. Get a horse!


Global Warming / Industrial civilization's effluents as an influence on climate change

"Global warming" is media buzz. "Industrial civilization's effluents as an influence on climate change" is science. The former is misleading, as, for instance, melting icecaps on a warming planet can cause colder winters. "Global warming" serves corporatist interests and their media boosters as a tool to deny established science. Educated voters will always vote with science, but be aware that government solutions to the crisis in climate change are often shell games arranged to conceal business as usual. Real change will come about when responsible individual citizens learn to use less energy.